Wednesday, December 22, 2010

amongst friends #60


I (Kelly) am in charge of this week and next soooo, here it is... :-)

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are running a little behind this week and a few were unable to send in a photo. Soon enough we will all be back on track. Until then, those who can will and the rest of us will look forward to the next week and theme.

Do all of you enjoy the Christmas season? I know I do! There are so many things to be grateful for!!

Christie's Mom started a nativity collection for her 3 girls years ago when her first child was born. Since then they have acquired many. This particular one is child friendly and stays out year-round. It's a favorite and being available all the time encourages lots of conversation about the birth of baby Jesus.

While spending some time at her Mom's house last week, Renee' took this picture of a nativity set on the table.

Sheila's picture is of a card that she received at work from the CEO's assistant.

Karen saw this piece of artwork in a store when she was out Christmas shopping.

Debbie's message was a simple one~...unto them a child was born.

Jerri visited an Annual Live Nativity just down the street from her home. I love that the star that will guide them is visible in the photo.

Mine is a very simple Nativity Scene. that was made by my Mother many, many years ago. My Father just recently made the Stable for me to display them in.

Janice says "We were told very early on in our marriage that we would never conceive. In our 22nd year of marriage, we were blessed with our very own miracle from Heaven. Valerie Marie."

Sandy sent this picture a couple of weeks ago, she said "I have the privilege of having 5 children in my Sunday School class whose families are from Ghana, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Here they are dressed for the nativity play."

There is a face in the background of Rayma's picture, do you see it? She took the photo through a window down the street from her office at a Christian bookstore. She said she doesn't think they planned for the face. :)

Jenny's picture is a Nativity scene that she has in her apartment to celebrate the season.

Jocelyn took hers through a store window while out shopping this past weekend.

Next week is Church, then Celebration, Critters and Relaxation.
 See you all next week.

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