Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ninilchik Beach

Scott had a job to measure last night in Ninilchik. He has been working so much we haven't been able to spend much time together so the girls and I rode with him.

The guy he was visiting told him the beach was a minute away so we planned on walking the beach while he was there.

We ate our dinner in the car on the drive down. I'm glad we went as Scott was really tired and I think it was better that I drove.

I'd never been down on this beach although I'd driven past this guys house more times than I can count. I just didn't realize there was a route to the beach the way he sent us. It is really nice there. Much like every other beach here but still nice.

We did find one thing different which I am still unsure about. There were rocks all over that reminded me of bricks. They were orange-red in color and had a texture that was almost brick-like. Do you know what they are or why they would be there?

We also found several pieces of sea glass. We were quite proud even though there were no stupendous pieces. It always turns into a challenge or game for us. Last night Cori was the winner. She find the most and one piece that was pretty neat. (Although we can't currently find it-we think it fell on the floor in the kitchen somewhere.) Cali found her first piece ever. I don't think Cassi found any but she doesn't typically get as into the contests as Cori does.

Tell me what you know about sea glass. It is my theory that every time I might have a beer at a bonfire on the beach it should be my duty to break the glass and toss it into the sea, thereby contributing to the collectors of the world.

If I break it first, certainly I take away the floating garbage factor right. I immediately set in motion the polishing process. I'm still unsure though, what do you think? And did you know there is a science and art to sea glass? Seriously, check out this website or this one. There is even a sea glass association. Regardless of how it gets there, we sure have fun looking for it.

This is our view from the beach as the sun set.
Mt. Redoubt

And if we looked back over our shoulder, we saw this.
The old Russian Church
Of course, this was under it but still, it is a quaint little fishing village where every-day people live every-day lives.

While I was watching my girls stroll along, I couldn't help but think how Alaskan they looked. Those of you not from here might not understand but there something about people here that often just looks Alaska. (And I am not talking about being native.)

Cori in her Dad's carhart is just about the epitome of the Alaskan woman.

Cali in her rubber boots and over-sized borrowed coat looking like the child of a fisherman.

And Cassi practicing being a princess on the beach in her uggs and fuzzy hat looking like this is something she does everyday. And it is...almost.

Kind of cool I think. I'm glad we went.

Come visit, we'll take you there. :)


quilt-n-mama said...

Beautiful! I'd love to come visit. We were in AL a few years ago for a couple of weeks visiting friends that lived there for a few years... loved it, but not sure if I would say the same thing in the middle of Jan:)

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

There is nothing like Alaska, in my opinion. Once you've been here you know what I mean. :)If you are ever here, let us know. We can show some of the best beach spots around! :)

shawn said...

Oh my goodness! We have piles of collected sea glass, and love it too! No orange though. And we've been studying apples as a mini unit for a week or so, culminating in an apple party tomorrow with friends! We have parallel lives (do-do-do-do Twilight theme).
I need to stay caught up with you!

The pea coat is an Old Navy 3T. One sold on Ebay recently for $19, plus $6.99 shipping. I think you are lovely and would love to just give it away, but honestly, I need to replace another jacket, and should probably be practical. If you are interested, I will sell it for $15 and whatever is the actual shipping cost. If you aren't interested, don't worry!
PS- I am adding you to my blogroll. Love the links you have too!
Happy Autumn!