Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cassi's First Cheer Competition

Well we survived it. No we didn't just survive it, we reveled in it.
There were more problems with in the day than I could share with you here but still, I would delcare it a glorious day. I believe I saw Cassi's passion is it's truest form yesterday. Now I will admit it may be simply because it's new but I need to believe that even if that's the case, she felt empowered by her passion yesterday.

When we arrived at the High School that was hosting the event, we were told that our performance time was going to be 2 hours later than we anticipated. Since we arrived 2 hours ahead of what we thought our performance time was, it made for a long wait ahead of us. No matter to Cassi however, she just decided to prance around a little and show what she could do. She immediatley started doing bits of her routine in the commons area, grinning about the whole experience the entire time.

Every parent wishes for thier child confidence, happiness, joy and so many other wonderful things. I've often wondered for sure if Cassi felt all of the wonderful things I have wished for her. After this weekend I know she has. She was in her element. And for now, she is right where she is meant to be.

As Cassi will tell you, they won the competition for their age group and level. But the BEST news of the night was that they won the biggest trophy of the night too! There was a special PEOPLE'S CHOICE award that they had the honor of receiving. It was a very nice surprise for everyone involved. Cassi really like the size of it and the fact that they even won over the biggest girls who could do back handsprings and everything! It was our first experience and although it was a long day (and night) it was worth all that had went into it! I really hope you feel it in the pictures and assuming you do, I'm smiling with you! Thanks for reading this and feeling good for my girl!

Look for our new photos after this weekend. We're off again. We will get to perform 2 nights in a row and we will be in Anchorage all weekend. Think good thoughts!

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Mark, Jeanie, Allie and Amy said...

Cassi, We are so proud of you and your team, especially for the "People's Choice" trophy. It looks like you had a great day! Good luck this weekend!! Love Aunt Jeanie, Uncle Mark, Allie and Amy