Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cali go to Chuck E. Cheese 'morrow!

Well it already time...almost. Cali's birthday is coming soon and we are trying to stay on top of things. Unfortunately Scott is going to be gone on her actual day this year. We didn't want him to miss all the fun so we decided to take a quick trip to Anchorage to visit Chuck E. Cheese for Cali's birthday.

We had been planning for this for a week or so but it almost didn't happen. On thursday night Scott went to soccer practice with Cori and Cassi while Cali and I went to the store to get a few things for her cake. She had been a little under the weather with a cold but nothing serious. By the time we left the store her eyes were very red and I knew there was more to it than I originally thought.

We left the store and went straight for the medicenter. Fortunately it is open late. Sure enough, she had pink eye and a very aggitated nose. We started her on the eye drops right way so nothing would get in the way of our Chucky trip.

On Friday the girls told her she would be going to Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow. She was happy and teetering around like normal. Early evening, the tides were turning or something because she went downhill, FAST! Around 10:00 we thought we were headed to the emergency room and we called the couple of friends that were meeting us for the party and told them we wouldn't be coming. We managed to hold out from the E.R., gave Cali some Motrin (twice). The first time it didn't agree with her stomach and she let us know quick. I didn't like that! After she disposed of the original dose she seemed slightly better so we waited a little while and tried it again. This time it stayed down and she finally managed to sleep.

She woke at 8:00 in the morning and in Scott's words "was ready to party". She immediatly said "I go Chuck E. Cheese 'morrow." :-) You can guess what we thought when we heard that. We knew we were headed to Chuck E. Cheese. We got a bit of a late start and the cake probably wasn't as fancy as it ususally is but we had fun!!!

All of the kids we invited made it. She played game and rode rides and even danced a little with Chuck e. She would not hold him but she did give him a "high-five". She really enjoyed the little crown they gave her and she also loved blowing out the candles. I think we sang two or three times. It was incredibly warm there; I think half of Anchorage was visiting.

We had a long trip home but it wasn't too bad. Everyone was tired
and slept most of the way home. We all hit the hay pretty quick
except for Scott who had a recorder GATOR game to watch.

Cali woke up happy and ready to play with her presents. Cori
bought her a Dora birthday cake set and she is still making them sing as I write this now. I wondered aloud to Scott if she would be confused when the birthday fairy came to visit on the 18th but he assures me the only confusion will be when the girls stop singing "Happy Birthday to you!"

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