Sunday, December 13, 2009

amongst friends #6

Be sure to click on this picture to see a better view of everyone's interpretation of "C"
***Edit-Cassi's picture was a CUPCAKE dropped perfectly in the school parking lot. Franks picture was CUFFS. Mine was fairly obvious with Church. Jenny's was COLOR and Kelly's was a plant called a CROTON.

We are still going strong. amongst friends has become one of my most favorite challenges of the week. (Taking a second only to "A Little Gratefulness) My kids have gotten involved and often look for photo opportunities. For my friend Kelly, I think it has almost been a healing process. It's given me the chance to become better friends with Jenny and Frank for which I am very grateful. And more than anything, my children and I are looking around our world with new interest. Now if I could just get Scott to get involved. ;) I'm going to work on him next. And how about you? Would you like to join us? Leave a comment and let me know you have. I'd love to see your photo next week- The Letter is "D".

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