Monday, December 14, 2009

Annual Silly-Gift Christmas Party

Well, we've done it again. And it was a success!

Our annual silly-gift Christmas party was this past weekend. As usual, it was a blast.

Lots of silly gifts, Tons of laughter and many, many wonderful memories.

If you've never heard, every year we have this party and every year some of the players are the same and some different. This year there were 25 exchanging participants. Our biggest group ever.

We do 2 rounds of exchanges, one less expensive and one in the twenty-ish range. Usually, everyone goes home with a nice (or decent) prize and one could easily be questionable.

There is always the contest of bringing the most coveted gift. And there are a few other notable categories too.

This year, my own personal favorite gift, which I did not take home I might add, was the singing, dancing Christmas Tree hat. I loved it!

As for the most coveted present of the evening, I would say it would depend on who you asked. Holly ended up with a picture frame full of group photos from past years get-togethers. It was definitely a trip down memory lane. It seems to have gone so fast.

Grandpa seemed to be the leader in choosing the best gifts this year. I was the winner of a HUGE bottle of wine. The bottle is easily 2 feet tall. I didn't get a picture but since I will be sharing it with Grandpa on Christmas, I will be sure to take one then. He also contributed a quesadilla maker and an awesome hand-crank lantern.

Oddly enough, the huge root-beer mug we brought was a hit with the younger set. And bacon flavored jelly beans had to be the weirdest gift of the evening.

Regardless of who got what, we do our best to make sure the kids leave with something that makes them smile, so there is always some after swap trading going on. The kids had fun and everyone got something cool, silly-fun, amazing or awesome.

There was also some singing and dancing happening. Look out American Idol! If I can figure out how to load videos again. I may have to share one with you.

With 5 of the kids graduating this year and 2 of them already in college, (We were grateful they still came this year!)I wondered aloud how many more of these parties there would be.

Then I realized that there are still a few in elementary school and middle school. We might squeak out a few more, Lord willing. I have such a great time when we are all together and I know, even if they don't right now, that one day my kids will look back on these days with laughter and joy. They will know what it's like to enjoy the love of great friends and at the end of the day, it's one of the few things that actually matter. The rest is only details.


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