Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Night for Princesses

The girls had their annual school Christmas Show last night. It was Cori's last one. Man, I don't typically get goofy about the girls growing up but there are a couple things hitting me rather hard lately. Just looking at them last night pulled at my heart strings. Yikes, gotta keep it together!

I took them to have their hair done. I don't usually do that but being older, I thought they might like it. The little-bit didn't go but I don't think she would have sat for it anyway.When I picked them up, they were glowing.

A couple notable quotes from the evening-

Cassi- Oh My Gosh Mom! I LOVE my hair, the wedding is tomorrow!

I also took the girls for dinner after the show. We went with Cori's (boy-shhh!) friends family. On our way home I asked her, did you feel pretty tonight? You sure looked beautiful.
She replied (with all her sporty-girl sarcasm) "Well, I didn't get all princessy feeling like Cassi or anything, but yeah, I felt good."

And Cali's for the night- "MOM! When does this thing end! I am ready to go now!"

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