Saturday, July 06, 2013

On the Bright Side...

Things could have been worse. That's usually the case isn't it?

Scott decided to take the girls (the big ones) out halibut fishing. It was a chore getting to the point they could go. It took days to find all the things that they needed that were misplaced in trying to clean up this old house.  Then he haggled for some pricier things he needed for the boat (which belongs to a friend but happens to be sitting here at this old house). Finally the day came and they were off. 

Of course, while packing sandwiches I realized I was out of baggies but no worries, foil wrapped sandwiches are great canvases! Finally with blankets to keep warm, a bucket to pee, and a lunch made with love, they were off! Cali and I were excited to see what they would come home with.

As always, prior to departure I asked for reminded them to take lots of pictures. And the girls didn't disappoint. I am guessing they were bored for a while however it didn't last long. While I was showering, I got 'the' text. 

It went something like this:
Scott- "How's that tackle box looking?"
Me-  "What?"
Scott- "Bad Word, Bad Word,Bad Word"
Scott- "We can't fish!"
Me- "Oh No!"
Scott- "Crying Now"

There were other problems prior to this but I am assuming they were trying not to scare me. And let me tell you , it would have! 

Anyway, as it was told to me, they fished one at a time with a rod and a pair of channel locks. They saw a seal (that black dot just past the seagull) and  they managed to catch one chicken (small halibut). After that, they had to head home because they lost the channel locks. (And the anchor- but again lets not worry ourselves, 'cause they are safe!)

While we were eating dinner the girls were starting to complain about not getting any fish.  I quickly stopped them because after all we were sitting safe in our kitchen, as a family, eating fresh halibut (there was just enough for a meal)  and it was good! In fact, it was delicious! And that is definitely a bright side, don't you think?

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