Monday, April 12, 2010

amongst friends #23

The Letter T

So I am really late getting this up this week; there were a couple late entries. I LOVE it when there we have lots of pictures. It is interesting to me to see the choices of photos. I really love Jocelyn's picture this week and I think Jenny's is pretty cool too. Cassi did a great j...ob too, don't you think? We stayed up late to get mine. I am curious to see if I've guessed Jenny's picture correctly. What do you think it is? This week was difficult for me, I can only imagine how far I will have to reach to come up with a U picture. What would you photograph. Go do it and join us next week!

Jenny- Twisted Twigs
Frank- Toilet
Christie-Ten O' Clock
Scott- Trophies
Jenny- Tea
Kelly- Thermometer
Cassi- Trophies

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