Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Something Good Comes of It.

Remember or Easter Sunday jaunt to the beach? I mentioned how much we collected right? I don't think I showed you.  Sometimes I wonder if I should.  It's rather embarrassing some times but I see potential in many things we find as we wander and have high hopes of creating something wonderful with them.

Here is what we took home Sunday. In there is this great piece of driftwood. When I picked it up I told one of my girls, it reminded me of a vase and I wondered aloud if we could use it as such.

I decided to give it a go this morning. Here is what I started with. I didn't end up using the dried grass/ seaweed and had already tied the ribbon.  I would love to put wildflowers in it and may when Summer arrives. I love simple white daisies and they grow in the yard so I hope to fill this once or twice with them soon.

Until then I will leave it filled with my little blue and green arrangement. I do love it so.

I am linking this to Friday's Nature Table over the The Magic Onions.  Head that direction for some awesome inspiration.


Kelly said...

I Love it!!!

Amanda said...

I love collecting things on the beach! I am actually a little compulsive about it. Kinda like a child, or a bird with shiny things! Looking forward to reading more about your life in Alaska. Its my dream destination.