Friday, April 09, 2010

The Great Outdoor Challenge #5 - Kids on a Tramp

There aren't a lot of words needed for this post. I just happened to look out the kitchen window and found my girls, two of them anyway, just jumpin'.  I took some photos as I watched them play; they were unaware.

Then I snuck outside and peeked around the corner and I cold hear them singing,
 "Little Sally Walker
 Walkin' down the street
 didn't know what to do
 so she stopped in front of me
Hey girl, do your thang
do your thang and switch."
Then they would flop around and they would switch with each other, and the other would sing.

It was simple, it was fresh, it was a sister moment. And I got to be a part of it. And no one was the wiser. ;)

There are a lot of folks participating in this challenge, Here they are! You will find lots of good ideas for outside activities and you might make some new friends!


Charley said...

Lovely post that demonstrates that getting outdoors doesnt have to be a big deal that involves preparation and a hike into the woods (although thats great too!). I love watching my 2 year old play when she's doesnt know I'm watching. I just started taking part in the outdoor challenge too (although its something I've been trying to do anyway since I started writing my blog in January. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

Christie said...

Thanks for stopping by Charley. It's been a fun challenge for us and has helped us beat these late winter blues.

Elizabeth said...

what a wonderful moment to catch. Love the black and white photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Nice to get to know those who take a peek.

Erin said...

Hey Christie- Thanks for stopping by my blog. I got the tutorial for those stars on Martha Stewart.
I used hot glue to secure each side. I started with mod podge, and realized it was going to take forever. Have a great weekend!

J and W said...

Oh, we love Little Sally Walker song. I can totally picture them doing it on the tramp. :)