Monday, April 12, 2010

The Great Outdoor Challenge #7- Captain Cook Park

So maybe I should call this my touring Alaska challenge.  :)

Yesterday we took a trip out to the end of the road. When you head North, you come to the end of the road, past Nikiski. I mentioned it in my #6 post.

The road stops, and then there is a muddy trail that goes until you run into the ocean.  They've talked about building a bridge to Anchorage but it may never happen!

If you turn left at the end of the road, a short distance in is Captain Cook Park.

We could not drive all the way in because there is still too much snow, we hiked down to the beach.
It  is home to our favorite beach in the nearby area.And although it takes us about 30 minutes to get there we go often in the summer and fall.

This trip was gloomy. It was raining some, snowing some, overall a fairly blah day. I feel like or pictures are sorely lacking color!

We did take some time to notice things around us. There were many massive boulders with melting ice on them.

They melting ice made some interesting designs in the sand.

We found some beautiful seaweed.

I wish I knew if I could dry it out and use it later. I wonder if it would hold it's color and would it stink?  Anyone ever tried it?

We found interesting rocks and clumps of mud balanced atop each other.

There were many areas of water run off and even a log that reminded us of a sharks' head..

Cali found a bungee cord which was stuck under a rock. It caused an intense amount of frustration when we couldn't retrieve it. We had to take a moment to regroup before deciding it was time to make our way back home.

It was a good early Spring trip although we've seen better. We are eagerly anticipating Summer with it's abundant sunshine and warm rays. Until then, we'll keep mucking our way around the Kenai.

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