Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Girl is Getting It- She's Playing Soccer

I mean she is really playing.

The kid has grown up every summer of her life on a soccer field, starting in May and not getting off it of until late August. We really thought we could end up with a Pele'-ette when it was her turn to play. But last year, after watching her pick the dandelions and chase butterflies the whole season we kind of gave it up.

It was good. We were fine with it but never really believed it would be her thing.  It's amazing what can happen in a year.

This year she is getting it! And it is so fun to watch. She is all over the place, getting in front of other opposing players to get the ball. It's a dramatic difference from last year. She hasn't scored this year but Scott is certain she gets to claim at least one assist.

I'm banking on the fact that she will score and I can't wait to see it!

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