Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Great Outdoor Challenge #6- Getting Out Anyway

So, today we started with 9:00 am tumbling lessons, each girl had a half-hour lesson then they had a hour and a half class.  From there we had thirty minutes to grab a bit to eat and get to Cali's soccer game.

It's been overcast the whole day and rather chilly. After the game we came home for a short while, then we had to get Cori to a hair appointment. Whew, seriously, when we were done, most everyone collapsed. I could not get Cori, Cassi or Daddy (who is home for only 3 days) off the couch for love or money.

But Cali, she's game for anything. She was still in soccer shorts when we decided to head to Joanne's for craft supplies. After we got what we needed I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride and we ended up on the evacuation route.  The road that heads north and ends in Nikiski, Alaska has one way in and out.  This escape road was built so that in the event there was a problem at one of the refineries out there everyone could escape the area. When the kids were little we would drive the road and look for moose. We still drive it during hunting season.

Cali and I thought we'd head out and look for moose or anything interesting. We didn't find much but she found two things hanging on trees and she made me stop to get them. She got of out the car in her shorts and boots, hauled herself over and took them down. The black thing has a big hole in it and is trash.  The other one is fine but she insists we should cover it with beads and things and hang it. I'm just not sure what to think about her ideas sometimes. She cracks me up!

 While we were driving it started snowing, ugghhh!  We found a few interesting trees that were growing over sideways. We found these pretty funny.

After we meandered the escape route we took a tour through town. We were also in search of a "T" picture for our weekly amongst friends challenge.  We took several; the airport tower (which is really small here), the cages at the animal control shelter (for trapped) and even the Tesoro station (because our gas prices are creeping up again. :(

We may have to seriously think outside-the-box to get out and about but we are making it work for us. It's a bit non-traditional but we had the greatest time tonight. What did you do today to get outside and learn about the world around you? When you get out in it, it makes it so much more with saving. Even when all you can do is get rid of some trashy hubcaps off the trees. :)

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