Monday, March 01, 2010

amongst friends #17

The Letter N
My older girls weren't able to get pictures this week. It was a busy one. While they took many pictures, they always do, they weren't able to incorporate N into them. I've had my picture since last week. I loved it then and figured if I still loved it as much by the end of the week, I would use it. I did! Jenny's connection is obvious but I wonder, how many people eat it? I hear Jocelyn is enjoying the challenge which I think makes me enjoy it more. :) Kelly took her picture in the last hour and I wonder if anyone will know what it is. I'm not sure I would have if I hadn't been told.
What did you photograph this week that could connect to the letter N? I have to admit I have been thinking about next week's letter O and I am wondering what I will do. As of now, I've got no idea. Think about this yourself and consider joining us for the next week's O photo challenge.

Jenny- Nutella
Frank- Nose
Christie- Nee Nee (Yeah, I know- I let the girls name him when they were little. I should have stepped in but they loved that name!)
Jocelyn-Name tag
Cali-This was her thought for photographing nose. We also have a few of faking picking our nose- I spared you those! :)

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