Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a Wild Ride- Would you Dare?

Do you remember me mentioning Cassi's birthday plans being a bit of a fiasco?  Well rest assured sometimes it becomes very obvious that there is something much bigger out there handling things and lest you forget who's really in control, the truth is thrown at you and it's as clear as a new spring day covered in snow.

Cassi was supposed to have a birthday sleepover at a hotel in town that has a pool.  Turns out there was a hockey tournament in town and the hotel was full.  NEVER happens in Kenai, AK. Then we decided we'd wait for the hotel pool party and have a family get-together bowling. Well go figure, there was a State Tournament being held here too. No Open Bowling!

Sometimes, you have mere hours to pull something together and low and behold, it's the most wonderful thing!  So wonderful in fact that you give up your other plans to do it twice!

Let's talk about extreme tubing!  Out in the middle of nowhere, way up in the hills on Homer, AK there is some tubing going on and it. is. AWESOME!

There are lanes and while you go super FAST and it is really a long way down, and you often spin round and round, you are never really at risk of dumping your tube.  Puking- maybe, peeing your pants, quite possibly but safety isn't really an issue.

And after you get to the bottom, they pull you up again. And while you ride up you get to see a Heaven's-eye view of what can only be called, God's Country! I tell you, it's awesome!

The girls took a friend each time. The first trip Holly and Wren were with us and AJ and Lil' Rachel met us down there. The second trip the girls each took a different friend and that time Grandpa and GiGi went with us too.
On our second trip it was actually so warm the girls stripped down to short sleeved shirts. Cori and Grandpa even took off their snow pants. The first day was so beautiful, you couldn't have convinced me it could be better. Who knew?

What do you think, would you go for a ride? Then come up and go down again? Click on the pictures and have a look around. I am willing to bet whether you would actually go or not, you will want to!

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