Sunday, March 21, 2010

amongst friends~ Week 20

The Letter Q

I thought this week would be hard for me. Sometimes things just happen, if only one is willing to notice! Cassi and I stumbled upon our pictures; they were just meant to be! Be sure to go back and look at the connections from the previous weeks. Some of them are quite funny. You know what else? I ALREADY have my R picture. I was taking a photo because I liked it and all of a sudden it was clear to me. Maybe, if you let it, a picture will just jump out at you too.Keep your eye out for an R photo and join us next week.

Jocelyn's picture was a bit like a puzzle- her Q was quarter.

Jenny's picture was pretty creative with Quiet.

Frank used the reliable Q-tip.... See More
Kelly was rather necessary with Quilted TP.

Cassi's was a last minute entry with Quest Dr.

And mine was an odd little Q lapel pin that came from my Aunt. It was fate as she had no reason to have that in her possession but yet she did and she mailed it to me not knowing about my Q quest this week!

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