Sunday, March 07, 2010

amongst friends #18

The Letter O

It's becoming a competition. :) I think the harder some people try, the more it inspires others to go find something unique to photograph. I would say many of us had to stretch to get an O picture. I know I had to give it a lot of thought, and at the last minute it was easy. Go ...figure. Go ahead and try it. Next week should be easier. What things would you photograph for P?

Jocelyn- Open. (I have to admit, this took me an extra minute to get this one. I think I was looking for a 'thing'. On my second look- it came a bit easier.)
Kelly- Onions and okra. I like the look of this picture.
Christie- Owl. A bloggy friend made this. Her name is Samantha Hootenanny. I hear most people couldn't tell was an owl. I should have taken a better photo.
Cassi- Organized. We recently added these shelves to our pantries. We all love how organized it is now.
Frank- O. Did everyone else instantly recognize these O's were from the Hooter's logo?
And last but not least the award for most ORIGINAL and HYSTERICAL
Jenny- 'O'h My Gosh- Frank had hair!

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