Monday, March 15, 2010

The Creative One

I don't really label my children. Well I suppose I do a little. It's kind of inevitable although they sport many of the same labels. :)

Regardless, Cali sees herself as the creative one, she told me so. With what happened just recently, I think she might be right.

We had teacher appreciation week at our school. There was a rainbow made of hand prints cut from construction paper that hung over the entry way into our school. There was also a sun cut from poster board. We happened to be there the day the sun and rainbow came down. While many of the hand prints were saved for the kindergarten class, many of them were tore in the removal. Those along with the sun that was written on were destined for the trash.

Cali wouldn't have it. So for an extra hour that I could have been running errands, Cali sat and cut up all the torn hand prints and glued them all over the sun to cover the writing.

That in turn inspired this project with her sister that evening.

Sadly it is one of the few St. Patrick's Day decorations we have up this year. I hope to do a couple more before the big day but even if we aren't able to do more, this is a wonderful St. Patrick's Day greeting as you come in!

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jennwa said...

Great flower and shamrock.