Friday, March 19, 2010

It was a busy Birth-Day

Cassi woke up early; I felt her stirring. She slept with me last night.  I did my best to talk her into going back to sleep.  I don't think it worked.  It seemed like only a minute later and she was saying to me, "Come on mom, get up, it's my birthday!"
Of course the Birthday Fairy made a midnight visit.  And she brought great gifts. Like earphones for all the girls and a soccer blanket for Cassi. And really cool mini travel pillows that are really, really soft.

Cassi also got her very own camera. She's been taking an after school photography class.  She shows a real eye for great photos. I think she is quite excited to have her own camera to take back to school when she returns from spring break. And of course, it's pink.

We had a rather low key day and stuck fairly close to home for most of it. It was a gorgeous day so the girls played outside a little bit, then Amber came by and we went to see the movie,  Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  It was super cute and I think the girls enjoyed it.

After the movie we had a little ice cream cake. It's been a strange birthday week for Cassi because we actually celebrated last week while her Dad was still home by going to Extreme Tubing. (It was a last minute decision and was only supposed to be a small family affair.  It turned into a bit more but not the friend party she had thought she'd have this weekend.
Long story short, all plans have changed and instead of having a party she has decided to go one more time to Extreme Tubing with a different friend on Sunday. Phew. While we usually have a rather big get together for birthdays, Cassi will instead have 3 different days to remember for year number 11.

I was wondering if she will ever remember this day. I remember my 11th year because I moved to Georgia that year. I don't recall my birthday however, in fact I remember very few of them. Maybe because we will have this blogging journal, she'll have a better chance.

Here she is, at the exact moment she turned 11. She was born at 10:16pm.  This is a big deal to her so I am glad she made it to the minute tonight.  She enjoyed the moment. She even sang to herself, "For she's a jolly good fellow..."  It made me giggle because really, she is!

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Lisa said...

Happy 11 sweet Cassi!!!!!! Looks like a great day.

I agree, this blog journal just has to help them remember.....