Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seeing Green

No, they aren't jealous girls, but they are green! At least today they were.
Cassi, Cali and I went to our little St. Patrick's Day parade. (Cori was with friends for a while.) It was just as small as it always is but we love it just the same. And besides, I'd feel like I was disrespecting my Grandma if I didn't go. I am sure she'd have something to say about it. She is IRISH after all.  This is her at lunch today in Florida. I can only hope I look so cool at 80!

Once Cori got home the girls gave me about 5 minutes for a lucky photo shoot. I took so many pictures and frankly this was the best I could do at narrowing the amount I post.

(Cali's face in this picture cracks me up.)

(I love this picture but Cassi's beautiful face is all covered up.)

(Cassi is always so into dressing up. She put this outfit together all on her own.)

What do you think? I think green is their color!

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