Friday, March 19, 2010

With Love, From Mommy

Knowing how much Cassi loves all things sparkly, I made this for her, for her birthday.
Daddy assures us he can hang it in such a way that it will appear it is coming out of the wall. I am hoping he can 'cause it sounds so cool!

I am into sticks at the moment. This stick was gathered on the last hike Cassi and I made.  I have made many projects from branches recently but this is only the second one of these I've made. One was for Cori's best friend Alli. Her's wasn't quite so glittery but for Cassi it had to be! I am even thinking about using some driftwood and making on ocean themed one for Cori. I'll let you know if that ever bares fruit. (Or starfish!)

Wishing you all things glittery and beautiful.

** The photo's don't do it justice; it's rather hard to take pictures of.

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4 Lettre Words said...

Awww....what fun! Looks like a GREAT birthday!!