Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Still Winter...


Oh well, since there is still a LOT of snow out there and I had to come up with a project for our after-school Recycle Craft Club, we decided we could make some of these.

Isn't he adorable? I came about making these a bit different. Most of you know, I lost a dear friend, Jana (Kelly's Mom)last summer. During her journey with cancer she took so many medications. She and Kelly are amazingly green (recycling) individuals. When I went for the funeral, Kelly had a whole box of medicine bottles that she hadn't thrown away. Of course they aren't the correct number plastic. I decided to bring them all back to Alaska with me and figure out a way to use them.

It has become a bit of a joke around here because evidently I could possibly be the only person on the planet who would drag a box full of pill bottles all the way across the country until I could find a way to use them. The wonderful thing about this story is that you too can save yours and when you have enough, you can do this great project with your school too.

I don't have step-by-step pictures but the directions are fairly simple.

First, I spray painted my lids. I wanted the kids to be able to paint their hats any color so I used a white primer. It got rid of the writing on the lids and they used basic acrylic paint to paint their hats. It's the LAST step for them.

Take some cotton balls and do one of two things, pull them apart a bit and glue the stretched cotton to the pill bottle or as I learned with kindergartners and first graders, just glue lots of the little cotton balls all over the pill bottles without stretching them. It makes for a very fluffy snowman.

To attach the hats, you can glue a smaller lid from a water or pop bottle to the pill bottle lid (primer those first too if you are using them) or you can do like I did. I took 3-4 LARGE
cotton balls, painted the inside and the outside of the rim of the bottle then overlapped the cotton balls so they stuck to the glue without falling in the bottle. Leave them to dry for just a second while putting glue inside the rim of the lid. Be generous with the glue, then stick the lid on the LARGE cotton balls at the angle you prefer. Some kids liked a tipped hat while others liked it on straight.

I gave them oodles of embellishments. We used buttons, little pom-poms, ribbons, pipe cleaners, and so much more.

I have to say, in light of such an odd project, I am certain Jana is looking down smiling knowing we found a silly way to re-use those bottles that were such a pain for her! In some weird way, I was comforted by it. Something happy came from something not so much so. What do you think, would you make these?

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jennwa said...

That is an adorable snowman.