Sunday, March 14, 2010

amongst friends #19

The Letter P

Lots of great options for P. I actually took my photo for my daily pic and changed my mind, instead using it for P. We are closing in the the second half of the alphabet. We are going to switch the various themes when we finish. Did you by chance check out the explanations for 'O'? They were quite funny. Did you take a 'P' picture, did you have some ideas? Start thinking, all of you, and take a Q picture for next. Everyone is invited. It may be the hardest challenge yet!

Jocelyn- Parking lot view from the office.
Frank- Popcorn at the movies. YUM!
Jenny- Favorite Florida grocery store coming to AL- PUBLIX.
Christie- These pickles at the best! Promise!
Kelly- A playbill from the 60's. Amazingly great shape.... See More
Cassi- Pepperoni pizza makes a great birthday dinner.

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