Sunday, March 07, 2010

Our School Carnival

I am still playing catch up here. Sorry. :(

A week or two ago our school held the annual school carnival. It's a community thing and also a fundraiser.

We stayed to work for the night. The two big girls enjoyed working booths. Cori and Alli worked the milk toss. Cassi worked the dart game with me. Talk about stressful! With so many little people running around I consider it a true success that no one got stuck nor did anyone have their eye poked out. Whew!

There are always lots of games but the most fun; the pie-in-the-face snowman. It's really a sponge with whip cream on it but you get the idea. This is the first year some of the older kids were allowed to be pied! Cori's boyfriend, was a major player in the game and her Dad wasted no time taking the opportunity at smashing him!It was all in good fun. And he was a good sport!

Cori and her best friend Alli decided to give it a go too. They weren't in the snowman for long and it's probably a good thing. By the end of the night, they were waiting for me in the car and it wasn't good! I guess the smell just about did them in.

They both took LONG showers when we got home and their hair smelled like whip cream for days! They are so sweet! Wink, wink! :)

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