Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Quarter

Well, we have made it through the 1st quarter at school. And at the end of the quarter we attend conferences.

I am at the school often so I didn't expect any surprises. True to form, the girls are doing great.

What I love most about conferences is seeing some of the artwork and projects that I don't get to see normally. Either I don't have time to stop and read each one or I see things they hang just for the occasion.

Here is some of Cor's stuff.

The older kids walk the youngest ones to the bus daily. It's interesting to me the way each of the older kids handle this differently.

The upper grades of the school are doing a moon study. Some classes are doing a daily journal. Cori's class is doing one entry weekly.

Here Cori was learning to draw 3 dimensional. She was very proud of this picture.

Here she was trying to use alliterations and onomatopoeias. My favorite; red nose frosty morning.

And lastly a webbing of a prairie. They did this as a group.

Here is some of Cassi's work.

I did this messy project with her class on Wednesday. A textured moon.

These are some silhouette pictures. Cassi's is the 3rd from the left on top with the crescent moon.

Cassi's 3 dimensional landforms sculpture.

I loved this skeleton book report. Cassi and I worked on this together a lot and if was great for us.

This is an entry from her Moon Journal.

I love this description of herself. Cassi- The Learner

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