Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Birthday Fairy Flies Again

You knew it would happen, right?
Yeah, so did Cali!
That Birthday Fairy came through just like Cali knew she would.

Cali went to sleep with dreams of magical things happening in the night. What sweet dreams they were.

Cori woke her up at 7:00AM! I was tired and ready to kill her! And that my friends is putting it VERY kindly. I convinced Cali to come to bed with me BEFORE heading downstairs, thank goodness as I would have never got her back in the bed had she seen this.

When she woke up she to me, "Do you have something you would like to say to me?"
"Happy Birthday my sweet birthday girl", I said. :)

We headed downstairs to find her new bike that Scott and I picked out for her. Before you question our thinking, let me just say THIS IS ONE BEEFY TRICYCLE.

She can haul her sisters around, they can haul her and it has created so many opportunities for creative play. It has already been worth every penny.
Not to mention I am pretty certain there are grooves in my kitchen floor for the amount of times she has ridden the thing around the kitchen table.

We really did have a wonderful day. The birthday fairy brought this wonderful game called I SPY-Eagle Eye. I must say, if you have a preschooler or kindergartner, this game pretty much puts the kids on equal playing ground. We played a lot that day. And she won often which is so much better on your birthday!

She got to wear her birthday tiara which we have been patiently waiting for.
And that fairy found great clothes to go with it; including underclothes which are very important to Cali these days!

AND it all matches the tricycle. Can there be anything better than that for a princess girl?

Later in the day we went for her birthday dinner. It is always the choice of the birthday girl as to where we go. Guess where we were headed? Yep, McD's. Sadly, when we got there, parties were already going on so we took her to the next best thing, because they have a playground too, Carl's JR. Who Hoo!

Grandpa and GiGi came in to have dinner and cake with us. And of course, Cali just knew Grandpa was bringing a baby doll. And he did. Not the exact one she expected since they sold out but a baby just the same. She has slept with it every night since so it must have been a winner too!

Oh, and he gave her a magic wand to cast spells, you know like on Wizard's of Waverly Place. Yeah, she's been trying to turn me into a frog ever since!

I did make her a hat, as promised, since Cori got one for her big day.
The one bad thing about that, I forgot to finish it weeks ago when I started it so, I found myself up at midnight, with what I was sure was the dang SWINE FLU making a wonderfully soft hat that is just right for a birthday girl.

Oh, and then, I remembered I had promised a fairy wand. Swine flu or not, MOMMA COMES THROUGH, weak but still comes through!

All joking, body aches, fevers and chills aside, it was a beautiful day. I thank God often for the gifts in my life and Lord, there can't be much better of a gift than the sighs of a happy birthday child as she drifts off to sleep, spent from a day full of magical dreams and fairy kisses!

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Kimara@weefolkart said...

Oh, Christie, it seems like you crafted the perfect day for your little princess! I'm so sorry you had so much to do while you were sick, but my mom always use to say, "Moms can't get sick, they gotta die" to get some rest! LOL there's truth in there! But obviously, it was a picture perfect day. How lovely!