Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"A" LittleGratefulness

I hope you will consider joining me in this gratefulness challenge. You can read more about it here.

*I missed last week. I have had so many things going on but it weighed on my mind all week as I tried to find the time to write my list. I hope you will one day soon give this a try too. It is good for your heart and soul! :)

Here goes it for this week:


friends- My niece was questioning friendship the other day and one piece of advice she received was -true friendships are often hard to come by- treasure them when they do! I believe that with all my heart. I have a few incredibly close friends. I would be lost with out them and I do my best to remember just how important they are, each and every day.

family- This is likely on everyone's list. And it's obvious but I think as I get older, I certainly acknowledge how grateful I am for them more. As it should be. I wish more of my family lived nearby. I am so grateful for the uniqueness of my family. Each and everyone of them is special to me and important in my life.

flip flops- Now before you laugh...I broke my favorite pair of flip flops today. They were really good flip flops and I loved them. I bought them 14 years ago when I got married in Florida and they were the best! (In Alaska, you don't really wear them out. :) I am so grateful I was able to keep them so long and I'm afraid I'll never find a pair I love as much; but I'll be looking!


Winston Family said...

When I did my "F" I didn't even think about flip-flops but should have. We love them so much that they are most of our shoes. Couldn't live without my favorite pair either!

elm said...

I have to say that I still have a pair of flip-flops that I have for 6 years. Not near as long as yours, but I have worn them in Nebraska, Tennessee and Oregon and wear them nearly every day through the summer. I LOVE THEM. I will cry when they break. I can so understand that you don't know if you will find another pair to replace yours!!!