Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Annual Autumn Hay Maze

Every year a good friend of mine organizes a trip to the Hay Maze at the local Bible Camp. She invites several friends and we in turn invite a few friends and we end up with a very eclectic group of people. It is always a fun trip catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

Each year the maze is constructed differently. It is essentially a tunnel made of hay that requires the visitor to maneuver their way through; usually crawling, slithering or pulling yourself up, over or around the entire thing. It typically ends at a fireman's pole. You crawl in,and through, slide down and...
...tumble out! It's GREAT FUN!

Here Cori and Alli were heading in for the first time this year.

This year, the cowboy in charge strummed his guitar at the entrance to comfort leery and weary attendees.
There is always a bonfire in which those who have-had their fill can roast a hot dog or toast a smore.
They even had faux' cattle roping opportunities which Cali thoroughly enjoyed.

Our family actually attended the maze two nights in a row. We also met there on Friday night with our soccer team; it had been a while since everyone had been together and it was nice to catch up with some of the girls we hadn't seen since summer.

Fortunately the weather has been quite cooperative for Alaska norms and it stayed warm enough that no one needed a big poofy winter coat. It made tackling the confines of the maze is little less claustrophobic.

Cassi got there late the first night but still remembered the way so when Grandpa came Saturday night, she led him through.

Scott had the pleasure of taking this little guy through. He was so excited he couldn't wait to get started! Believe it or not, Scott and I used to watch this little boy's Dad when he was this young. Talk about time flying!

Cali went through this year which was a first. I was so proud of her. She isn't usually the bravest of girls but she went through, twice! By the second time she was warning me of the lower area where I might hit my head! Sweet girl~

I took my camera in (not always easy when your crawling) the second time. This picture Scott and Cali were lying on his back and I was on the corner. There was a safety guy hiding in another corner in front of us who took the picture.

Here you can see just how little some of the spots you crawl through are. The little kids have the advantage of walking in a crouch often. Lucky! :)

GiGi started in 3 times and on the 3rd time she actually made it through. It is incredibly hard to come back out once you are in and have moved up one level but trust me when I say, if you don't like it, coming back out is faster than going in. There were some people who tried once and never went back to try again. So kudos to everyone who goes! :)

It's always fun to watch as the attendees come out. Especially those who are coming out for the first time!

This little man never went through but he's too cute not to share. :)

Here is Cali's favorite guy. He is the next G.I Joe and went through time and again, practicing his Army crawl. I think this may have been his first year too. Maybe he will lead Cali through next year!

This picture definitely doesn't include everyone but it was late and we were losing folks fast. Misty, who organizes this every year, wondered aloud how long we'd be able to convince the kids to keep coming here with us...I hope it never ends.

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