Friday, October 23, 2009

This is how school should be

I have mentioned before- my kids attend a charter school. And I love it. The focus of the program is arts and science. They work really hard at integrating the curriculum through all mediums.

This week both Scott and I attended a field trip with the girls, he went with Cas and I went with Cor. I took pictures. :)

They walked to the creek, which they will do every month. They keep tabs on the healthiness of the creek with the watershed forum.
They perform ph tests, study the turbidity and conductivity.
They make note of temperature and changes in the area.

Isn't it a wonderful thing and don't you wish this is how schools worked everywhere?

When I get to go on field trips, I usually take Cali.
She is learning so much just being there.
And the kids are getting outside and experiencing nature.

The watershed guy was trying to make the kids understand just how lucky they are, getting to be a part of this program.

He said something that stopped me in my tracks. Some people go days without every having stepping on anything but concrete. It is a simple thought and easily true and so very sad.

And then while I was walking up the path, I found this last, lone dandelion hanging on just a little longer while every thing around it fades in the last breaths of the changing season.

Here is hoping that today, rather than standing with concrete you take a moment to dance with nature.

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Lisa said...

What a great school! Fauna attended a fantastic private school for first grade, but it just was too expensive for us and I had to teach preschool. I was mean mom that didn't do anything with the girls during that time. So not the mom I want to be so we cut the private school and decided to homeschool.

That lone dandelion is killing me, it looks a little sad.