Friday, October 16, 2009

Somebody's getting Excited~It's almost Birthday Day!

Cali has been counting down the days until her birthday.

"How many Sleeps Momma, how many sleeps?"

Yesterday, she asked me, "Mom, what day was I born?"
"The 18th of October", I say.
"Ohhhh, that is why my birthday is October 18th!!" :)

Last night she found a birthday card from Gran Gran in the mailbox. She was SO excited.
She ran in the house, climbed right up on Scott's lap and had him read it to her!

And the best part...When you open up that card, it makes a FULL Rainbow!
Who Hoo!

Only 2 sleeps baby girl, 2 sleeps!

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Lisa said...

What a little sweetie! I love how children keep track of time.

LOL, Fauna and I open cards early too, my husband and Araina wait for their birthday....Araina says it's "proper" that way. I think she's crazy! I was (still am) a sneaky gift hunter and I will open gifts early if I can.