Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"A" Little Gratefulness ~E~

*I'd like to say, sometimes this list is hard. I am enjoying it but it is amazing how
hard it is to put ideas to some of the letters. Regardless, here are my thoughts
for "E"

I hope you will consider joining me in this gratefulness challenge. You can read more about it here.

Here goes it for this week:


education- I like to learn. And so do my kids. I am grateful there are many
opportunities for us to do so. I am also grateful for the choices I have when it
comes to choosing how and where my girls will be educated. I sincerely feel we
have made a great decision for them so far and can only hope our choices
continue to encourage their desire to learn and their quest for knowledge.

energy- I mean the personal desire to get off my back side and make the most
of my life. I am certain energy wains as one ages but I am fortunate that I don't
feel mine has. I still want to DO things and I stay very busy; without the energy
to do so, I'm afraid life would be pretty dull.

earth- Cassi and I both thought of this. I suppose it is a pretty great place. And
of course, without it, we'd have no place to exist so I suppose it certainly
deserves a spot on the list.

*Other notable mentions from Cassi-
elephants~because they are cute and eggs~because they fill her belly. :)

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