Friday, October 02, 2009

Fabulous Frankenstein

Cali made the cutest ever Frankenstein today; I just had to share it.

I've seen this kind of project around a few times. In fact I had originally planned for her to make a pumpkin using this same method but not finding the orange yarn I thought I had in my stash, we shifted gears.

Also, Cali took pictures through out the process but it seems we forgot to put the card back into the camera so I can only tell you how we went about it; can't show you!

We started with a salt canister that I'd been saving for this project. I gave her this green fuzzy yarn that I had in my stash since I'd spilled water on it one day and it was a bit stiffer than it should be and couldn't be used for knitting.

I started the wrapping for her so the end of the yarn would stay hidden under. She wrapped to her hearts content and when she felt it was enough she stopped. I wrapped the very bottom and top ends as she struggled to keep it on there. I tucked the end of the yarn under a few wraps.

The we cut out some felt in designs she liked. She glued them on. Then we pushed in a screw on either side. I think he is the most adorable Frankenstein I've ever seen.

You could easily use an oatmeal container or something like it as well. I glued a black felt circle to the top to cover the white color of the salt container but you could just paint it instead.
Hope you have a ghoulishly great day!

*edit-go here to see the newest addition. THE BABY!

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