Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday 10-29 (Not really-I want to explain)

*I just realized I am posting this on Thursday...hmmm, I'm a little late but I thought you would enjoy it just the same. :)

It's crazy moose time here at our house. I don't know why really but it is.

If I paint you a picture you might get an idea of what is going on around here lately. This was last Sunday.

First, this was looking out my front window with my wide angle lens. There isn't a screen on the window currently and when I tried to open the window the girls thought he might try to come at us and freaked out! They wouldn't let me do it. He was alone, or so I thought. Just a baby. Yeah, that IS a baby,
This is a baby.

Later that day, I saw this baby out my sink window. The Momma came over and gave him a push an he scooted off. I was talking to Kelly on the phone and I told her the baby was getting fussed at!I thought this Momma was loving on him at first but...not so much. She pushed him off but he only scooted away a bit.

Then, from around the camper came another Momma who ran off the first Momma.
Here is the one that was banished. She took off and hid in the woods. Eventually she crossed the street to be a little further away with her baby,

The picture became a little clearer that the first Momma didn't belong to that baby. So Cassi and I continued watching and we saw another baby come over and she tousled with the first baby.Here baby number 2 runs off number 1, but he lingered for a while.

As we were trying to take video for our Daddy ANOTHER baby came over.
For a short time, there were 3 all together.

And he ran baby number two away towards the Momma that was banished. So I think they belonged together. The other two babies hung out together and stayed nearest to the Momma that stayed in my yard.

Holy guacamole, there were 5 moose scattered just past my kids swing set hanging out like they owned the place. Well, actually I guess they do. "Cause frankly, in a tousle of our own, I'm sure they would win!

Funny thing is, all the babies were fighting over water that had puddled atop a rolling cart Scott left outside so when they scooted off a bit, I marched a bucket of water outside in hopes they'd find it! :)

Can we now say, 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 hermit crab (we lost one- well he died) and 5 moose? If you water them, they are yours right?

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