Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A "P"arade of "P"umpkins

We've been discussing the alphabet here almost daily. Cali knows most of her letters by sight and I really should probably put more emphasis on Upper case and Lower case but for now we are playing the phonics game.

Knowing that, you can then understand why we have a parade of pumpkins in our window sill.

We used egg cartons but I had to cut them down to a point where they were round.
Cali painted, and painted and painted some more. I glued them together for her once they were dry or most of them anyway. She actually did some but didn't like the mess trying to keep the glue beaded on the thin line of the carton.

We used pipe cleaners for the stems. Some we twisted and some we looped. After, we used extra to sort of wrap a knot at the bottom. We pushed them up from underneath and the knot helped keep them from sliding out.

Cali drew many of the faces but it was challenging. There were lots of bumps in the cardboard and the sharpie didn't flow easily. She stuck at it but if you had a wee one that doesn't persevere or is tiny, I suggest doing this part for them. They could certainly decide what type of face to make which Cali did on the ones I made. Funny enough, I like the ones with no face. I would have liked to see them amongst some fall leaves but Cali liked this best.

I also think you could hang these with line through the stem for a cute garland. I will be making some bats with Cali and making garland out of them. I found that idea at Mommy-Guru.
She posted it on the Friday Showcase at

where I enjoy swapping ideas with everyone else. (Truthfully though I probably take more than I give. :)

The last few years I haven't decorated much for Halloween but it appears Cali has other plans this year.

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