Sunday, November 01, 2009


I've done it dozens of times, and each time it's the same...but different.

This year, we made our way back to Pizza Hut. We haven't been there IN YEARS! And yet we made our way back.

The service was just a crummy as it ever was, but it was still just as fun as I remember it being.
There were 22 of us I think. I'm not even sure everyone made it into the picture.

I think we must have done something right all those years ago because the big kids you see at the front of the picture, their still coming. They remember too!

I think they love us so. And I adore all of them.

Many years ago, before I even had kids, we traipsed around following these big kids, watching them zig-zag back and forth across the streets filling their pumpkin decorated bags with mounds of sugar.

This Halloween like every year past, they still come. They come to let us take their picture, to walk for a short while with the kids who've come after them.

They come, to laugh at the silly costumes and remind us that being ftogether does mean something. Even to that high school kid whom you were sure would ditch you the first chance they got to be a part of something bigger, like FAMILY!

They even meet us between parties to make the tweens (and the old folks too) feel important, hanging with the high-schoolers, having some french fries and hot chocolate. Just laughing, just being HAPPY!

And you know what I've figured out, they'll keep coming. As long as they are here and even sometimes when they have to make a special trip, they'll be around for the little ones that come behind them. And just like Grandpa and GiGi,

and Holly before me, I'll still be here trick or treating too!

Edit* Here is 1 quick look at Cali's indoor Halloween costume she wore to the school on Wednesday. She was Pippi Longstocking, whom she ADORES! :)

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