Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Cali had her first cheer competition this past weekend. Cassi also competed individually.

It was a family affair as always. We stayed with Holly and Barry. (Rocky and Wren were out of town) Holly was so sweet to take care of us the hectic morning of the competition. It was actually amazingly calm as compared to past competition mornings. So Holly, thank you. You know we love you sooo much!
Holly made everyone breakfast while the rest of us worked diligently on making competition necklaces. I'm not really sure that is what they are called but what ever we should call them, we couldn't have gone without them. Cali has been looking forward to them for a LONG time.

We worked on hair together too. Anastasia (I wish I had a picture for you- she is Barry's girlfriend) came to help with Cali and Cassi's hair. In case you didn't know, I am hair challenged but, I can wield a mean blow dryer though! :)

We even had time for a little pre-show improvisation.

These competitions are old-hat for Cassi but for Cali and the other little girls, it was a long day.

Still, you can tell, some of these girls will be cheering for a long time! :) They were in awe of some of the big kids! Truth be known, I am always in awe too.

Cassi and Cali's floor times were spread out a bit so in the middle we took a break to go get lunch. Food and treats make everyone feel better, right? Ice cream works wonders I tell you!

I took so many pictures of Cassi and Cali that I am afraid the blog may overload, so I'll give you only a couple more! ;)

It doesn't appear that we got video of Cali's group. If it turns out we did, I will post it but for now, only Cassi. Here she is...She's a ROCK STAR!

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