Monday, November 23, 2009

Creativity, please flow my direction

I signed the girls up for the Holiday Ornament Swap again this year. We participated last year and enjoyed it a lot. The anticipation of looking each day for a padded envelope that was sure to house a sweet, delicate little handmade treasure brought many happy moments here.

This year there the theme is fairy tales. When we heard that, we were thrilled although we originally ready it as fairies still we thought fairy tales were great too. That was until we started to determine what we were making. Being a no-sew family, hmmm, we are struggling a bit.

Months ago, I had decided if we had the opportunity to participate again Cali would make salt-dough ornaments. I envisioned a cute little snowman...well, I can't find a snowman in any fairy tale I know.

I have perused the internet looking and looking. Today I decided to try this.

I still used salt dough but I had to make this guy. (Don't laugh at my skills- I am challenged, I know it!)
I kind of thought maybe Cali could paint them if I made them but I've since decided the older girls can use mine as a model and try their hand at these. Cori has enjoyed some clay projects lately so I am hoping she will take these on. I 'll keep you updated.

Seriously, can you at least tell what or who it is? Do you know the tale?

*Edit- here he is painted.


Kelly said...

I think you did great! He looks awesome!!!

Lisa said...

Cuteness!!!! If someone doesn't know what fairytale he comes from then they don't know their fairytales very well.

You can use lemonbalm or horehound in place of beebalm or you can increase the amount of peppermint or any of the other herbs for the herbal candy. I had a friend tell me that she used onion in the recipe! Ginger would be a good one to add to the tea.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Sandy said...

Seems to me that The Snowman is near enough to a Fairytale.
Come to think of it Frosty the Snowman would be, too. Especially if you think of fairytales as having a bit of magic.
They can be "modern fairytales".
Don't you think?

Love following your blog. My sis lives on Kodiak, but used to live in your part of Alaska. Her life sounds alot like yours, so when I read your blog it makes the miles a bit closer.

Sandy in the UK...which is why I nearly never see her.