Monday, November 09, 2009

Cori's FRIEND-ly Birthday Celebration...Finally.

We were unable to actually have a birthday party for Cori with her friends near her birthday. This past weekend we were finally able to make it happen.

We decided on pizza at a restaurant then a movie; A Christmas Carol.

Pizza was great. The girls sat at their end of the table; we did our best to stay out of their conversation. Grandpa and GiGi came to hang with me since Scott had to work.

I think the girls had a good time. They were quite silly.

I didn't make a birthday cake, she requested the infamous gooey-butter cake instead.
After blowing out the candles, which took a while since they couldn't wrap their heads around trick candles, I let them cut their own pieces of cake.

They wanted specific parts evidently. And this is what happens when you let them handle it themselves. :)

Her friends know her so well!

I absolutely love the fact that they are still down to earth enough to give homemade gifts. I truly LOVE it!

As we were loading up they found themselves chasing each other with the silly wormy things I'd given them. I thought they were pretty cute out there. They were so happy; giggling and laughing. It was contagious!
We didn't play there long; it was really cold and we weren't dressed for it.
I knew it was really cold when even Grandpa said something about it. Looking at all the red noses made it pretty obvious too.

The movie was all right, nothing spectacular. But being there with friends was awesome!

A couple of the girls had an evening commitment so they left straight from the movie. The rest of them came over to play games and do a little crafting. I think I took the last one home around 11:00. Alli stayed over night and hung with us most of Sunday too. Nicely enough, I think most of these girls are finally comfortable enough in our house to make themselves at home. I am glad. It makes everything so much easier for me. And it makes me happy for my kids. That we have a house that their friends like to visit!

It was fun. I think Cori was happy to finally have a group of kids over and celebrate. Now she is looking forward to a sledding party, just for fun, which I've promised her and Cassi both sometime over Christmas break, weather willing. :)

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