Thursday, January 21, 2010

True Story

I was leaving the house this morning and I was angry.

While I almost always drive with out the radio on (silence is hard to come by as a stay at home mom in a house with 3 girls) this morning I cranked it. I was surfing the waves looking for something to rock out to. I found a poppin' country song (I am ole southern girl at heart) and bobbed along with it. It was over quickly. I hit the surf button again and found another song. I started rockin' I was feeling better. I'd never heard the song before but I liked it.

As I listened "in this life, I know what I've been..." my mind starts wondering.
You see, I was angry with my husband when I left. And as I listened to the song, I was thinking about a love story. Our story. And I thought, I need to be a better forgiver, I need to not get so frustrated.

And I listened a little more. "...But here in your arms, I know that I'm forgiven..." and I thought. I'm lucky, he loves me, every bit of me.

Then I kind of thought about how I'd not heard this song before and I wanted find out the name of it. It was a great beat and I am always a sucker for songs that tell a beautiful love story.

It was so clear to me that this was in fact a beautiful story behind this song and the writer expressing it, like young love. They way you feel when you realize how intense love can be. Yeah, it was an intense feel good love song.

So I listened, I felt it, and I heard, "...Oh, I'm a treasure in the arms of Christ
'Cause I'm forgiven..."

A song about a love story; the greatest love story ever told.

The song is: Forgiven
The group is: Sanctus Real

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Winston Manor said...

i love sanctus real and that is one of my favorite songs! glad you know it now!!