Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Welcome 2010!

In keeping with tradition, I present to you our first family picture of the New Year!
Every year since the girls were very small we all pile up and I hold out the camera and snap a picture. (Sometimes Scott is the photographer but usually not.) It has become one of my most favorite family pictures each year.

Since Wren spends every New Year's Eve/ New Year's Day with us he is always a part of our photo. And since the girls think he is a relative, it makes sense for us!

I must say as the kids get bigger, it gets harder and harder to smoosh together to get the picture. Of course that makes is more fun too! :)

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Lisa said...

Love this picture too! Can't decide which I like better.....I have a feeling that this picture really represents "the wild life" family that you are! ;)