Thursday, January 28, 2010

Struggling...Daddy is gone again.

We are struggling in so many ways, big and small. There are a lot of things going on around here lately. There are people in my life who are hurting a lot right now. I have friends who are very ill.

We are all going through changes and some days are tougher than others. I'm even struggling with writing my blog. Not the posting, per se, just writing words that I feel are well written and worth reading.

Mostly we are at a place where the best we can do is check in each day, pray a lot, and take it all one moment at a time. And so even if it isn't the best written or well titled, I write. The rest will come.

This morning Daddy left. It is always tough to watch him go. The big girls try so hard to be grown up about his departures but there are always tears left for me to dry when the plane pulls away. Cali struggles a little more with it and more openly.

On Scott's last trip away (not this one) Cassi had a really hard time for some reason. We always stand at the window and look for him in the plane windows. He isn't always easy to find, mostly because it is dark out.

He knew she was struggling with his leaving and I guess he was trying hard too lighten (no pun intended) her mood. He lit up his phone and held it to the window so we could find him easily. The girls got so excited and raced to get out my phone and do it back to him.

This all turned into a game of left to right, up and down, circles in the window. It was magic and for those minutes of waiting for his plane to taxi off, there were giggles and smiles.

He remembered the game this time and started it again when he got in the plane. Both big girls got out phones and started to play.
And I took a couple seconds to just be grateful for the small things. Making a special note to self, that all those small things add up something really BIG, called LOVE!

I think it looks a bit like this!

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Winston Manor said...

Praying for all of you while he is away and safe travels for dad!