Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Still Winter!

It's still winter here...imagine that! Cali and I decided we would work on "W" this week so we are still focusing on winter. I figure it lasts so long here we better find fun ways to think of it.

This is my burst of creativity for the week. I've never considered myself very creative so I think this is a burst for me. It's more my style to let someone think of the great ideas, then I just follow along!

I started with our finished product to give you just a quick minute to try and figure out what we used. So look quick, what do you think?

I know it isn't the cutest snowman ever but Cali is downright proud of herself. In my book, that makes for the perfect project!

We started with an empty one of these.

We painted the bottle white, the lid black. Then we glittered it up while it was still wet. After it dried I sprayed a bit of sealer on it in hoped the paint wouldn't flake off.

Then we went through our button stash, she chose all of them.

It took her a while to find enough matching ones for the mouth. I was surprised she stuck with it but she did.

He would have probably been slightly cuter without the scarf but Cali wanted one.
She asked me if she could cut the scarf herself. I said yes, but followed with, "I may need to cut it because fleece isn't always easy to cut." She immediately scoffed at me! "I have cut lots of fleece! Who do you think cuts up all those scraps you leave around?!" :)

She even cut a few fringes. I lengthened them just a bit for her but she did indeed prove she can cut fleece!

So, recycle your next creamer bottle or tell your friend to save her trash (I've done this many a time-don't be shy!) and make yourself a snowman.

*I'm linking up to Ramblings of a Crazy Woman We Made it Friday Showcase.
Go check it out for some great ideas!


Mama to 3 Blessings said...

very cute! She did a great job & she looks so happy of her masterpiece. I love this idea!

Sherry said...

really cute, I have some creamer containers needing to be used up, I think this will be our next project!

sandy said...

Love it! I did those with my preschool class a few years ago! They were a big hit!

Wonder Mom said...

Hey, GREAT minds think alike- We did a version of this snowman this week too!

I love the glitter and paint you added to yours- great job!

jennwa said...

That is a great snowman.