Thursday, January 14, 2010

Exploring Nature to Create Art

*A bit of a long post-be sure to get to the bottom to see Cor's AWESOME tree made from driftwood.
That is the title of Cori's Explorer report. They had to explain a way that they personally explore or some place they have explored. It was a fairly open ended report with few guidelines. Actually it was more of a show and tell.

She decided to take in some things she's created from items she collected in nature. She went with the less is more plan.

She made a short book.

Her title:
Cori: Exploring Nature to Create Art

First page:
*Some art is only meant to be enjoyed for a short time.

*Then there are things we will admire forever.

*Sometimes art is done with friends and family, then again it is calming to create on your own.

*Isn't it cool how your own explorations can inspire others?

Second page:

Third page:

Fourth page:

Fifth page:

And here is what I love most about her show and tell. She ended up finishing a project that started back in September. I found this piece of driftwood and was convinced it looked like a tree that recently lost its leaves. We started stringing beads on it and larger heart beads to resemble leaves falling. Cori loves the curly wire on it the most. I just love the whole thing! Love, Love, Love it! I can't wait to get it back home and find a special place for it.

You have got to click this picture to see the details.

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