Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year's Eve

I've already posted our first picture of the New Year but didn't have time to tell you much about our night.

Traditionally we have a party here at our house. I have long stated this happens for a couple reasons. First, I am the only one who actually drinks more than 1 drink. (There are few times a year I do this but this is one of them.) Occasionally Scott has a couple but all of our friends are 1 drink (if that) kind of people. Secondly, I don't care how messy my house gets from all the confetti and poppers and fun stuff the kids love to do. It is almost always too cold to do anything outside, especially if your a little person so I just let them do it all inside. It doesn't bother me one bit. :) Seriously! My friends cringe but me, well I'm shooting silly string with the kids!!! I figure for these two reasons alone, I should get to own the New Year's Ever party forever! You agree, right? I knew you would!

(Be sure to click the whole collage to see the individual pictures better. There were so many I wanted to show you and I thought this might make seeing them a little quicker.)

This year we had more people than ever. I think everyone but me was nervous about how many people we'd be cramming in our house. I knew it might be crowded but that works for me too. Just don't care. :) I think in the end, we had 21 people here, adults and kids included. It was a lot for us but I still had fun and I know the kids did, so it's all good.

There was a big poker game going on, as usual. I had two wii's set up. The kids had Band Hero in Cori's room and we had mario kart going in the living room. The kids played apples to apples at one point. They shot off streamer things all night long. The little ones popped poppers on the kitchen floor to their hearts content. We had TONS of food. We laughed, and played and I drank!

It was loads of fun and I counted it as my first success of the New Year. We ended one and began one anew with good friends, laughter and love. I couldn't imagine ending it or starting it any other way. When it was all over there was a quiet contentment that filled the house.

I don't typically make resolutions. I do try to improve myself each year and this past year I think I became more aware of being grateful. I am proud of that. This year I'd like to live by the words, everything I do, I will do out of love. I'll let you know how it goes.

Blessing to all of you this coming year. I hope it is a year filled with happiness for each of you!

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