Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am so proud of this

I know I made a small vase like this a week or two ago. I loved it so much I had visions of more, I just wasn't sure how or what containers to use.

Then I remembered Cori had received a lava lamp for Christmas and we'd saved the container it came in. I really wasn't sure it would be balanced but I really wanted to try it.

Last week the girls and I collected sticks so late last night I stayed up and gave it whirl. It was challenging. It is incredibly hard to find long straight sticks. They all seem to have a curve or bend to them, which makes getting the whole stick to attach to the container nearly impossible. I did a little filling in with some smaller broken sticks. I don't think you can tell unless you were really looking for it. Also, looking closely you can see more hot glue than on the small one. I had to use a lot.

Regardless, I really love the way it turned out. It looks really great in my cabin-like home. It fits in well with all the furs, animals and what not. I may even make some of these for outside come summer. If I can find the right kind of container to recycle, I may put them on either side of the door.

If you make one, I'd love to see it. Please share.
*Edit- Sandy brought to my attention that I didn't mention I covered the lava lamp box first. She suggested using burlap which I think is a great idea. I used the thin cardboard that comes in the box between new dishes. I got some for Christmas and they worked perfectly!
**Edit- My step-mom came by and had a look. When I complained about some showing hot glue she said it looks like/ reminds her of tree sap. Love her! :)

*I'm linking this project up with Ramblings of a Crazy Woman- We Made it- Friday Showcase. There are always great ideas shared there. Go check it out!

**I'm also linking up to The Magic Onions- Friday's Nature Table. It's a naturally beautiful list of people sharing there. It's worth a look.


Sandy said...

That is great! I can imagine how hard it would have been to get them to fit against the container.

Do you cover the container with something else first? I wonder if you cover with burlap or something first that it would be less of a worry to fill in spaces? I guess the hot glue would flow through the weave, so the sticks would still be held against the container and not just the burlap.

just a thought, anyway. I might look out for straight sticks and see what I can make like this.
thanks for sharing!

Sandy in the UK

jennwa said...

That is a beautful vase!!!

The Magic Onions said...

Oooh, I love it! Sandy's suggestion is great... I've had similar problems when making a fairy house of sticks stuck to a container... burlap would do the trick! Thanks so much for sharing on Friday's Nature Table. Blessings and magic.

nocton4 said...

wow .. so wonderful xx

tamlovesran said...

Beautiful! I love it.