Friday, July 24, 2009

Subsistence Fishing

The girls are now officially Dip-netters. They have actually contributed to sustainable living for our family.

Is there subsistence fishing where you live? In Alaska there are many resources one of which is dip-netting. It seems each year we go out for a day or two. We don't do a lot. We try to never take more than we will use, which is of course the true definition of sustainable living.

When the two older girls were much smaller we would take them out to the beach and wade out in the water with them on our shoulders. Well, OK, they were on Scott's shoulders but still, I was there. Then they got a bit bigger and we couldn't do that any longer yet still they were too small to get the dip-net out far enough so we couldn't really let them fish.

This year they really wanted to try it on their own. They are finally tall enough to get out in the water a bit and almost strong enough to hold the net easily. Since we do so little of it we decided we would purchase 1 pair of chest waders and let them swap them out taking turns in the water. It seems to have worked.

Cassi tried first. She stayed out quite a while but never really got a bump. They swapped out and 5 minutes later Cori had our family's first fish.

She stayed out a bit longer in hopes of more but it wasn't to be.
She told me while Cassi was in the water that she had to get all of her excitement about that fish out because she didn't want Cassi to be upset. :) So we hurried and took this showin'-off-the-fish picture.

Scott had little luck with the fish tonight. I'm sure it was no help that his waders had a hole in them and was spending most of his time focused on convincing himself he was not going to end up with hypothermia.

Cassi was so intent on getting her fish that she went in again and even stayed in alone while Scott went to get our car.

I stayed on shore near her but with no waders of my own I was only there to dive after her in the event she went in the drink.

To give you an idea of what we're talking about, this is a short view of the beach. It stretches on about 4-5 times as much. And this is only 1 fishing spot. There are many. The subsistence season only lasts about 1 month so people come from everywhere to try and get the fish.

Cali had quite a bit of fun chasing gulls and jumping over fish heads. :) They are everywhere.

She never did quite catch one but she she never did stop thinking she could. And she found it so fun!

Grandpa is due to go with us tomorrow after work. Cassi is thinking he might just be her good luck charm. I hope so.

I enjoy knowing they are learning to appreciate the ways we can live off the land. It's an Alaskan way of life for which I am grateful.

Edit* I can't believe I forgot to show you this picture I took of the clouds. I think it looks just like a salmon. Do you see it?


Winston Family said...

That's a pretty fish! Joshua wants to know what kind of fish it is. Way to go Cori!

4 Lettre Words said...

What fun...and what amazing photos! I'm jealous that you guys are wearing long sleeves. It's so hot here.

Lisa said...

I've never seen such a thing. Oh, beautiful Alaska. I have had romantic dreams of living there for a long time now.

Your daughters are so beautiful. I am the oldest of 3 girls and love it!

Lisa :)