Saturday, July 18, 2009

Florida Family Fun

Not only can I not say it 3 times fast, it took me 3 times to type it correctly too!

I've mentioned that Cali spent time with my family to while we were in Florida for Kelly's mom's funeral. I am really grateful for their time. And the lengths they (and Scott's family) went to assuring that Cali would feel comfortable and have a great time made it much easier for me to spend time with Kelly without worrying.

Cali's wish list as she touched down in the Sunshine State was small. She wanted to swim at the pool and play putt-putt. One day after taking care of some things Kelly and we headed over to Grandma's to pick her up and found her in that coveted pool. She was motoring all over the place with my Aunt Karen.
And I must admit the lure was too much for me. While I never intended to go in, her happiness was catching and I didn't want to miss the moment with her.

I had only been in a moment when the rain started. If you've ever read back through this blog, you know I LOVE RAIN. Especially warm rain. Cali and I had so much fun. It was really coming down and we just kept on swimming. It was really wonderful and it made me happy.

Even things like water flowing through the rain gutters was a joy for Cali. We laughed and splashed while Grandma watched and smiled.

When the rain died down again, Cali noticed a few things left behind in the wake.
And Kelly found something too. Another little frog. Ugghhh! Cali was intrigued as long as he didn't get too close. I agree!

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