Monday, July 13, 2009

Coming Home-Again

Not having been outside the state in many years and never having left any of my girls ever, heading to Florida was not only sad, because I'd lost someone I loved dearly but was also nerve wracking to be so far away from 2 of my kids.

So, even though I miss Kelly more than she will ever know, it was good to be home.

And lately, coming home has meant surprises. This return trip was to be no exception.
Once again, through Cooper Landing we met with this surprise.

There were two brown bears swimming, catching fish and likely hiding one or two for a later day. While we were taking pictures of them, we notice a black bear come out of the woods not too awfully far from the brown bear pair. Then we noticed another black bear and then another. Total we ended up seeing 5 bears. The girls were uncomfortable walking through the woods to get a better view but comforted that they were across the river.

I have no idea who the people in the boats were but it was great fun watching them 'round the bend then notice there were bears there fishing for the same catch!

And here is another fabulous picture of Scott with the girls. I've got to figure out a way to give him my eye to see these opportunities with the girls and me! ;)

PS. Don't forget that if you click on these pictures and make them larger, they are pretty darn great!

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Michie said...

I love the picture of your husband and the girls. That one deserves a frame!