Saturday, July 25, 2009

Everybody Loves a Parade

I took the girls to the Progress Days parade today.

We go most years because there isn't usually anything else going on. We are usually in between tournaments and trying to stick close to home. It is also notorious for LOTS of candy which the kids think is awesome. What they have yet to figure out is that I usually give it all away before they realize it's missing.

This year the weather was pretty good. It was a little cloudy and breezy but not cold so no complaints here.

The girls brought a blanket and stretched out a while waiting for the first trooper cars to round the corner. While our parade isn't huge by any stretch of the imagination I thought there was quite a fabulous visual assortment of things going on this year.

The girls were really impressed with this guy and his ability to stay upright on those tiny tires. He was impressed with my camera as he really wanted me to get his picture. He spun in front of me a few times and finally asked, "Did you get a good one?". I hope this meets his approval!

This young man impressed me more; he was actually handing out flyers too!

The Women's Auxiliary handed out flags to each of us. At some point I've got to to figure out what I can do with them all. I can't throw them away (guilt)and they are stuck in everything I own around my kitchen(Americana themed), what else do I do with them?

Cali liked Smokey the Bear, he even tipped his hat to us.

And look here, we even have a old time train. My older two kids rode this train many years ago when they were in preschool. They remembered it fondly today as it passed by.

I must say while we may be lacking many things around here one thing we aren't with out is some loud, squirmy wiener dogs. Gosh, if there was 1 there were 200 in that parade group. They were really cute and they were EVERYWHERE! This is probably a third of the full picture had I been able to get one.

I think this little girl is probably a tired little sack of potatoes this evening. She was stopping at every person handing out paint sticks. Lowe's really ought to pay this kid! She was awesome!

We even had a local florist handing out fresh flowers to all the women. It was really nice. Cali quickly confiscated mine after the Princesses and Parties people came by with a princess crown for her. She said "With these flowers, I really am a princess." Little does she know even with out flowers, she always will be!

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Hi, I tried emailing you earlier and had it returned undeliverable? I wanted to get your mailing address. I have Cali's Summer Swap package ready to send!